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Learn How to be a Great Sales Rep or Sales Manager

Most people learn Sales accidentally, the on-the-job method. But there’s a much better way to learn how to sell. There is a specific, repeatable sequence and process that can increase Sales effectiveness so that you or your team of Sales reps can Sell Like Hell. David Rubinstein developed the technique,  called the Sell Like Hell Sales System. He travels the country teaching it to . . .

“The Seller’s Perfect World”

In a “Sellers’s Perfect World” your Sales team does everything right. They ask the right questions. They understand the client’s decision-making process. They ask for the order in an effective manner. In the “Sellers Perfect World,” Sellers do these things 100% of the time! How does your Sales team stack up? What percentage of the time do your Sellers:

  • Have, and implement, a plan for their calls?

  • Get to the decision-maker?

  • Open strongly and effectively?

  • Understand the clients decision-making process?

  • Determine exactly what the customer needs?

  • Ask for the order in an effective manner?

  • Add-on effectively?

  • Know how to deal with legitimate objections?

  • Along with the buyer, agree on the next step?

  • Follow-through in a meaning full way?

  • Manage their time effectively?

  • Use written communication to proper the Sales process?

  • Differentiate themselves from the competition?

  • Through referrals, generate new business through their present business?

  • Receive the proper amount of time necessary to make an effective presentation?

How much better can your Sellers be? And, how much real work will it take to get there?

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