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Coaching that Puts You on the Right Course to Close More Sales

How do Sellers improve? I’ve asked this question to thousands of Sellers throughout the years. Invariably, the number 1 answer they tell me is “through experience”. Hmmm!

Here’s what I’ve learned about accruing experience – it may not make you a better Seller, but it will certainly make you older!

Consider this. Name one profession in the world where there is absolutely no expectation of practice. Imagine if heart surgeons or airline pilots had to meet such a low bar. Who would want that?

What I’ve found is that Sellers rarely, if ever, practice. They may have a plan entering a Sales call, or understand the dynamics of their market place or review a Sales call – but practice for that call rarely comes into play. Worse yet, when asked what they would practice if they did, mouths are agape and puzzlement abounds. Go ahead, talk about the concept of practice with your Team and colleagues and let me know their thoughts. And, remember that whatever we did yesterday, the odds are great we’ll do it the same way today and even greater we’ll do it the same way tomorrow.

Sell Like Hell 1-ON-1

Sell Like Hell 1-ON-1 puts a coach working directly with a Seller on a one-to-one basis. Field Sales calls are made and/or time is spent on the phone prospecting for new business. This is a customized program, designed in conjunction with Sales Managers and Reps, to make certain that good habits are sustained and areas of weakness are improved – just like back in high school or college to be able to play in the game.

What do you think of that?

This program places a Sell Like Hell Trainer in the field with the Seller.

  • Survey regarding areas of improvement is completed by the Seller and also from the Manager.

  • “Ride-Along” or “Sit-Beside” with Seller for a three (3) hour period.

  • Audio-taping of phone calls and/or post-meeting discussion occurs.

  • Following the Ride-Along/Sit Beside, a “SLH Prescription” is designed. This describes the areas of improvement to be worked-upon by the Seller and then implemented in the field. Manager receives copy of the SLH Prescription as well as a “wrap-up” of the session.

  • Telephone conversations with the Seller to monitor progress are placed.

  • If desired, three (3) to four (4) weeks later, another Ride-Along/Sit-Beside can occur.

Could you or your Sales Team benefit from a coach who can put and keep you on course to become a master Seller?