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David Rubinstein, Creator of The Sell Like Hell Sales System

David Rubinstein
40 Yolanda Drive
San Anselmo, CA 94960
ph: 415.455.9955

I believe that good sales people are made, not born. I came to that conclusion having spent over 25 years selling and observing the undisciplined approach to sales that so many of my colleagues employed. From that experience I developed a repeatable sequence that sales people can learn to become more effective. There’s no other profession in the world that assumes you’re born with the skills you need to succeed. Great surgeons aren’t born that way. Great salespeople aren’t either.

The result is the Sell Like Hell Sales System. I have presented sales training sessions for hundreds of companies across the United States and Canada, teaching sales professionals from a unique perspective – to be “empty-headed” and ask questions. These contrarian views on selling have ruffled some feathers, but have also made salespeople more effective and productive.


David Rubinstein
Founder, Sell Like Hell Sales System