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Inside Sales Training Ideas that Transform Counter Salespeople into Master Sellers

Inside-Counter Sellers “make the world go round.” They are the glue and the lubricant of any sales organization. Why?

These Team Members interface with all of our customers and coordinate with Outside Sellers, Management, operations and vendors. Because of these folks, orders are taken, processed, fulfilled and delivered. Inventory is done, stock is replenished and important “market intel” is shared. These people frequently are the “bench-strength” who become the Outside Sellers and Managers of tomorrow. Or, they represent continuity and trusted confidantes for our customers. That’s right – it could be said that the entire operation rests on the shoulders, hands and minds of the Inside-Counter Sellers.

At the same time, though, and with a little “TLC,” they can rise to another level. Perhaps a “ride-along” with an Outside Seller or in-person visits to the offices of our largest clients can propel Inside-Counter personnel further than ever imagined.

How can this be accomplished? How much better can they be? And, how much real work will it take? That is where our Sales Training sessions come in. With our ideas and strategy, your Inside Sales Team will up its game in no time.

Inside Sellers Training Session
Six (6) Hours and Fifteen (15) Minutes

Sell Like Hell for Inside-Counter Sellers is a one (1) day classroom session dealing with Sales-related issues, all of which are designed to deliver the highest level of service for your customers while maximizing margin and profitability for your Company. Whether the Team includes seasoned veterans, Sales rookies, or anyone in between, the ideas and content presented will have application every Selling day. Methodology includes video role-play, group discussion and lecture. Imagine an Inside-Counter Sales staff that is proactive, differentiates itself in the market and delivers the highest form of customer service every day!

  • Personal Traits
  • Company & Industry-Specific Requirements
  • Sales Skills
  • Determine Need/application by Asking the Right Questions.
  • Question words — Inviters, Tweeners & Shutters.
  • Industry-Specific & Generic Perfect Questions.
  • Provide Solution(s).
  • Use of Chaser HTS?, HAT?, WDYT?
  • Offer Alternatives.
  • Adding-on.
  • Ask for the Order.
  • Capture pertinent information.
  • Referrals to Outside Sellers.
  • Determine Need/Application by Asking the Right Questions.
  • Asking open-ended questions.
  • Industry-Specific & Generic Perfect Questions.
  • Offer alternatives if appropriate (Upsell/Downsell based on application & inventory).
  • Adding-on.
  • Ask for the Order.

How much better can you or your Inside-Counter Sales Team be? And, how much training will it take to get there? What growth ideas do you have planned?