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Why You Need To Bring In An Outside Sales Training Program For Your Sales Reps

Salespeople do very weird things. I know because I am one. BUT, – but, redemption is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, I learned to sell in the most inefficient manner – by trial and error. There is a prevailing, and majority, school-of-thought that because there is an infinite number of Sellers – and Buyers – that it follows that there must be an infinite number of ways to Sell. This certainly provides a “get out of jail free card” when it comes to the methodology of Sales – no one can be wrong if everyone is right.

It’s a given that Salespeople must be able to “think on their feet” and somehow, based on the complex psychologies of the infinite number of Buyers be able to figure out on the spot how to deal with any particular Buyer. Ugh! And, yikes! Talk about a prescription for a Sales disaster. How in the world does anything get sold, or bought?

Building Better Sales Reps Through a Single Selling Sequence

What if, though, there was only one (1) way to Sell? And, that way was repeatable, implement-able and highly effective? How many Sellers would seriously take a look at that method and perhaps use it? What if we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time? How willing is your Sales Team to consider the options?

Imagine a Sales world where Buyers want us in front of them to help solve their problems. What if your Sales Team understood the power of knowing what questions to ask and the ability to listen – truly listen – to what the Buyer was saying? Suppose Sellers knew how to leverage existing accounts to guarantee that competitors never even have a sniff at poaching your accounts – how appealing would that be? Imagine a Sales world where your customers open doors to new accounts simply because we’ve asked. How much sense would it make to put a system like that in place?

The Sell Like Hell Sales System is a simple process upon which a Seller’s unique personality and creativity can shine. Perhaps, we’ve been working way too hard for no good reason for way too long!

The Sell Like Hell Lite Sales Training Program

Sell Like Hell Lite is a thirty (30) minute to two (2) hour presentation ideal for sales meetings, luncheons, break-out sessions, dinners and other places that Management and salespeople congregate. It is a combination of experience, insights and humor that results in a contrarian and challenging look at the Sales process and its participants.

Sell Like Hell, Phase 1
Six (6) Hours and Fifteen (15) Minutes

  • What are the Sellers doing?
  • Why are they doing that?
  • What alternatives are there?
  • Determine what is best for the Seller.

So, what role does product knowledge play in the Sales process? An important role, of course. But, like everything, it has its place. Make certain that understanding a Buyer’s problem precedes the delivery of product knowledge – the solution. Sales has a sequence and remember that “Selling isn’t telling.”

  • Ask, Ask, Ask.
  • Tell.
  • Let’s do this …. How’s that sound?
  • Oh, what’s the problem?
  • Let’s do this …. How’s that sound?
  • Being able to determine Buyer’s needems.
  • To determine the proper gottem to match the Buyer’s needem.
  • How to open effectively.
  • How to cold-call effectively.
  • How to ask for the order effectively.
  • How to effectively follow-up.
  • How to grow business by effectively “adding-on.”
  • How to generate new business through their present business – Referrals.
  • Understanding universal reasons why Buyers don’t buy.
  • Sets of prepared questions.
  • “Ask & Listen.”
  • React to what is heard.
  • “Listen & Ask.”
  • How to maximize the quality of every call every day.
  • Establishing and utilizing the REACH-TOUCH-ASK system to understand the quality of day-to-day sales activities.
  • Learn to “fish where the fish are.”
  • Taking existing relationships to the next level.
  • How to leverage existing business to generate additional business.

Sell Like Hell, Phase 2
Six (6) Hours and Fifteen (15) Minutes

  • In-depth role play with instructor.
  • Analysis from group and instructor occurs.
  • Through a small group exercise, the universal reasons why Buyers don’t buy are identified.
  • Protocols are created to deal with each objection.
  • Generic and Industry-Specific questions.
  • Getting to the decision-maker via the telephone and written word.
  • Development of a “Floating Letter.”
  • Understanding who the “Influencers” are in the process and being able to enlist assistance in the process.
  • To create questions that move things along while keeping the influencer involved and interested in the Seller’s success.
  • Creating a list of ten (10) Igniter questions to assist in the “opening” of the sales call.
  • Generic and Industry-Specific.
  • Understanding the “map” of the sales call.
  • The combination of selling skills/techniques with relationship-selling to create the most powerful bond with the Buyer.
  • “Add-On” exercises and role-play. How to “grow” existing accounts by asking the right questions.
  • More on “Selling Below the Line.”
  • Reach-Touch Ratio.
  • Average Billable Hour.
  • Revenue per-mile-driven.
  • Application of the “80/20 Rule” to create time and “fish where the fish are.”
  • Account relegation.

How much better can your or your Outside Sales Reps be?
And, how much training will it take to get there?

Give us a call and or take you or your sales reps from good to great!

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