So often Sellers tell me they either do, or don’t do, something because of the way they “feel.” Or, they’re “just not ready yet.” This puzzles me. I believe that this “Feel Selling” prevents us from doing what must be done.

I am committed to “Process Selling,” which depends upon logic, sequence and rational thought. It requires having a plan, implementing it and reacting to how the Buyer responds. In many ways, Sales is a science, just like medicine and physics.

Three (3) examples:

When to follow-up.

Sellers frequently don’t know how long to wait before following-up with a Buyer. When dealing with this issue, they tell me “that I usually wait a week or so,” explaining “they don’t want to appear pushy.” This can all be avoided by allowing the process to take over and simply ask the Buyer,“when do you want to hear back from me?” Ask this question every touch.

When asking for referrals.

This is the example that perplexes me the most. Sellers frequently feel that “trust must be established” before having the right to ask for a referral. For me, if a Sales Training opportunity is “in the books,” I will usually wait for the Training to occur before asking for a referral. But, if I’m in cold-call mode and am told that this particular person will not buy, I immediately ask if they know anyone else who might be a candidate.

When asking for the order.

Sellers are most uncomfortable doing this for a number of reasons – primarily, not understanding where they are in the process. We can ask for the order assertively, without being pushy or rude. Use the “Tell and Chase” method, which allows us to present a course of action and then ask, “how’s that sound?” If you are “feeling” really uncomfortable, just ask “what’s the next step?

Go with process over feel. What’s the worst thing can happen? As long as we’re professional in how we deal with folks, all is good. So, are you a “Feel Seller” or a “Process Seller?” What do you want to be? As Tina Turner once said – kinda — “what’s feel got to do with it?”

What do you think?

Good Selling to you!


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