Sell Like Hell Sales Training Morsel #77

//Sell Like Hell Sales Training Morsel #77

Sell Like Hell Sales Training Morsel #77




People change for two (2) reasons — they are either forced to or they see an upside in doing so. Unfortunately, history and battlefields are littered with the results of the former.


Here’s to looking for reasons to change – they are all around. It’s just that it can be so difficult. The easier route is to continue what we’re doing – the path of least resistance. But, what are the odds we’re doing what needs to be done in the most efficient and logical manner?


There are three (3) steps in change:

          * Intellectual – We are presented with an idea and say, “Hmmm!”

          * Trial – We owe it our company, Managers and ourselves to make an attempt at something different.

           *  Expectations – Unfortunately, if we don’t get the results we want (almost) immediately, we revert to what we’ve always done. See, “path of least resistance.”

I was talking to a young Seller the other day and he told me that he’s been changing the way he sells. He acknowledged that it’s hard but he’s making progress. All was good – then, he killed the buzz. He said he’d gotten comfortable with his changes and that he was satisfied with things. I implored him to immediately get “uncomfortable” again.

Being uncomfortable is the way it’s supposed to feel when changes are being made. Most importantly, know that eventually repetition conquers uncomfortableness. When you have a chance, pick up “Outliers,” a wonderful book by Malcolm Gladwell, wherein he postulates that it takes 10,000 hours of repetition to master an activity.
I even took some of  his (and my own) advice the other day. I practiced the weakest part of my golf game, chipping. I hit more than seventy (70) chips – first time ever, I mean it! As a result, I felt really uncomfortable doing it. The good news is that I’m almost there — just 9,999 hours to go to master that 15 yard chip.

What do you think?

Good Selling to you!

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